Broughton Landing Endorsement Letter Summaries

Congressman Greg Walden

“I support the comments submitted by my colleagues, Senator Patty Murray (WA) and Congressman Brian Baird (WA), in support of the Commission adopting a plan amendment that allows for economically viable and successful redevelopment while protecting and enhancing the CRGNSA.  I also support the report by the CRGNSA Director Jill Arens recommending adoption of the proposed amendment.”

Congressman Doc Hastings

“I write to strongly support the proposed Management Plan amendment concerning conversion of the Broughton Mill industrial site to a recreation

Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Brian Baird

“We believe the Broughton redevelopment proposal will provide recreational opportunities to visitors to the Columbia Gorge, and economic benefits to Skamania County, its residents and surrounding areas.”

Glenn Taylor

“Today I am writing in support of the proposed Plan Amendment by explaining why the Broughton proposal will support existing urban areas consistent with the Second Purpose of the Scenic Area Act.”

Klickitat County Economic Development Authority

“The Klickitat County Economic Development Authority (KCPEDA) wishes to endorse the recommendations of the Director of the Columbia River Gorge Commission for the approval of the proposed amendment to the Management Plan of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.”

Columbia Planning and Design

“I wish to speak in favor of the proposed Recreation Resort Plan Amendment as a longtime resident, professional planner and recreational enthusiast. I support the proposal not only because it expands economic and recreational opportunities, but also because it takes a balanced approach to the two purposes of the Act – resource protection and economic development.”

Port of Cascade Locks

“The Broughton Mill project is a good fit in the Scenic Area.  Any reasonable person should support this project”

Underwood Fire District 3

“The Underwood Fire Department sees no downside to this development.  The Fire Protection Planning that has gone into this plan is extensive and appreciated.”

Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce

“We believe that the proposed project will have a positive impact on furthering the economic growth and development of our county and local towns as well as our business members.”

State of Washington Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development

“The Broughton Advisory Committee’s deliberate effort to include a broad community of interests in the development process deserves high praise.  The result is a project that makes sense in its context and can be supported as a responsive and well-balanced approach.”

Skamania Lodge

Excitement of the project can only create more awareness of the region while supplying more of an employee pool which is sorely needed.  This project will also improve the scenic beauty of the area by replacing a dilapidated mill site with an outstanding recreational facility.”

Port of Skamania County

“The Port of Skamania County supports this project because it is one of the few opportunities we have to create new jobs and generate vital taxes to sustain services provided by Skamania County.”

Stevenson Business Association

“This project will not only expand Skamania County’s tax base and create jobs but will also improve the scenic beauty of the area by replacing a dilapidated mill site with a world-class recreation resort.”

Klickitat County Board of County Commissioners

“A new resort would greatly improve the visual quality of the site, create local employment opportunities, improve recreation access, and further the economic development purpose of the act while minimizing the visual and natural impact of the site.”

City of North Bonneville

“The economic impacts and projected jobs are much needed in our community.”

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commissions

“The concept of an environmentally sensitive, recreation-oriented area, with destination accommodations and associated facilities adjacent to Spring Creek Hatchery State Park is compatible with and supportive of State Parks’ Vision.”

Klickitat Tourism Advisory Board

“The positive economical impact on the towns of Bingen and White Salmon are most compelling and are a perfect fit for scenic area’s goal of promoting tourism.”

Columbia River Gorge Visitor’s Association

“According to your architectural plan, the current eyesore mill site will be upgraded into a very fashionable facility, enhancing the beauty of the Gorge.  We applaud the choice of building styles and the extra effort and expense put forth to improve the community.”

J&L Farm & Home

“It is of our opinion that this project will be highly valuable to our county as well as the surrounding communities.”

Skamania County Chamber of Commerce

“We understand that over 250 full-time jobs will be created during construction alone, with 60 ongoing positions available during operations of the resort.  The boost to our local economy through increased visitor spending (estimated at $8 million annually along with increased property and hotel/motel tax revenues will have a significant impact.”

Skamania County Economic Development Council

“Approval of a Plan Amendment would serve both purposes of the Act by improving scenic and cultural resources, and supporting and enhancing the economy.”

City of Stevenson

“This is a unique opportunity to improve an existing eyesore, recognize the community’s timber heritage, provide for the economic well being of our community, and create an outstanding recreational facility.”

Skamania County Board of Commissioners

“A new resort would greatly improve the visual quality of the site, create local employment, improve recreation access, and further the economic development purpose of the act while minimizing the visual and natural impact of the site.”

State Parks Staff

“With limited budgets, government agencies alone will not be able to meet the recreational demands of the future.  Private-public partnerships have the potential to provide significant public service improvements.”

Port Of Klickitat

“There are very few destination resort areas within the Gorge, and there is an obvious need for additional housing and improved recreation amenities. Our area’s tourism opportunities will be enhanced by this project.”

City Of White Salmon

“The City of White Salmon Council supports the Broughton Resort Proposal and a plan amendment for the Brought Mill Site to permit the conversion of an industrial site not located in an urban area into a commercial recreational resort.”


“The Broughton Landing resort project will have a very positive economic impact on our region.  It will provide economic benefits including job creation, increased tax revenues, a positive effect of real estate, tourism growth and added indirect jobs and economic activity.”

Bonneville Hot Springs Resort

“Bonneville Hot Springs Resort recognizes the direct benefits to Skamania County and the Columbia River Gorge with the approval of such a project.”

City of Bingen

“The city is pleased that Broughton Lumber Company has chosen to work with the many organizations and agencies in the Columbia Gorge to ensure that the project is viable while still addressing the needs of surrounding communities and the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Act.”