The resort’s configuration attempts to optimize the site’s development capacity while efficiently utilizing previously disturbed land comprising the former mill complex, a site plan can be found here. The resort’s architecture and massing is loosely based on the style and scale of the historic mill buildings that have dominated the site for generations. A number of existing buildings will be adaptively reused while others will be reinterpreted in new construction that reuses building components such as trusses and lumber. Design of the resort’s landscape will celebrate the extraordinary natural setting of the central Columbia River Gorge by preserving the existing rocky outcrops, groves of native oaks and firs, moss-covered talus slopes, and open meadows. Resort design will:

Reflect the site’s colorful history and incorporate sustainability by rehabilitating existing mill buildings and using on-site materials;

Respect scenic resources will be through careful site design and compatibly designed new architecture, and;

Protect natural resources by employing cutting edge sustainable technologies to minimize resource consumption and concentrate future development in existing developed areas and other low-impact locations to preserve the majority of the site.

Visual Subordinance by Design

To the extent practicable, proposed redevelopment will utilize existing developed sites, road and trail alignments, structural forms, land forms and vegetation. No building construction is proposed for steep areas. Architecture will be appropriate to the unique context of the Broughton Mill site. New construction will be historically compatible through the use of heavily textured materials such as rough-cut wood, logs, local stone, vertical siding and oversized timbers. New buildings will be screened with existing vegetation whenever possible or with new vegetation that mimics the native species on the site.

Resource-Based Recreation
Broughton Landing’s central location within the Gorge is equally ideal for those seeking other outdoor recreation adventures such as kayaking, fishing, mountain bike riding, hiking, and skiing on a year round basis. With its own launch site, “Broughton Beach” and improvements to the “the Hatch”, Broughton Landing will provide the ideal location for windsurfing and kite boarding during the summer.

Hillside Open Space
Over three quarters of the 260+ acre project site will remain undeveloped as scenic open space, protected through permanent conservation easements. Other than the existing reservoir and the proposed Broughton Hut, future development outside the redevelopment area will be limited to a new 14 mile network of hiking and mountain bike trails accessing the scenic bluffs and historic features as well as connecting the resort to other destinations in the Gorge.

Conservation Easements
Conservation easements will be created on large portions of seven individual parcels totaling approximately 300 acres of highly-visible gorge walls in order to maximize protection of the surrounding environment. The proposed conservation easements will prohibit future logging, mining, or other forms of commercial development. The easements will also guarantee public access to recreational trails on these parcels. As a result, these parcels will remain in their natural state, forever protecting their scenic quality, habitat value and opportunities for low-impact recreation in perpetuity.

Historic preservation and interpretation of cultural resources

Broughton Lumber Flume, historic mill buildings and other historic and archeological sites will be preserved or recorded and interpreted through on-site signage and museum displays

Perpetual Conservation, Preservation and Recreation Fund
Broughton Landing will include a financial commitment supporting ongoing conservation efforts through a dedicated funding source. This conservation fund will be supported by mandatory contributions of 1% of unit purchase price, anticipated to generate nearly one million dollars of contributions with 5% mandatory contributions on re-sales. This fund will finance: acquisition of additional conservation land and trail easements; restoration and enhancement of vegetation and wildlife; trail construction and maintenance; and maintenance and interpretation of the historic Broughton Lumber Flume.
Environmental Sustainability
The Broughton Landing proposal will employ efficient use of land, low-impact development practices and the highest wastewater treatment standards to improve water quality in the Columbia River.